The Ultimate Brine Container!  

Resolves the #1 challenge to successful brining - Floating Food!  Keeps food completely submerged in the brine. Simple design, easy to use, easy to clean, works great.  We flattened the learning curve so beginners can brine like the pros. Easily convert any brine recipe with The Briner, or use TurkeyTom's Brine Mix!


We Make Brining Easy!

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The Ultimate 

Make great food in The Briner

Brining basics, tips & tricks. 

Brine vs. Marinade

3 Steps to Successful Brining

The Pros
  • Turkey - Moist & Flavorful
  • Chicken - Tender & Juicy
  • Pork - Outstanding Pulled Pork
  • Fish - Add flavor & moisture
  • Shrimp - Great texture & flavor
  • Ribs - BBQ like a pro
  • Calamari - el dente'

Who is using The Briner? 

​​Restaurants, Caterers, Culinary Schools, Competition BBQ Teams & Backyard Chefs.

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The Briner Easy Brine Kit


No More Floating Food!
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Make Brining Easy
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